How much exercise do you need to do in order to get and keep (for longer than a month) the best body you can?

Many people think that going to the gym 3times a week for 40 minutes (which is pretty hard to do already if you are not used to it) is enough. And guess what? It isn't. (disappointed? don't be!) There is a way for YOU to get enough exercise in every week.

Want to look like a supermodel and keep that body for as long as possible?

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You are supposed to do at least 30minutes of exercise per day in order to get and maintain your best body possible. Now this is assuming that you do have some level of activity in your daily routine already. If you have a  job where you sit all day and then you drive home in your fancy car followed by microwaving your dinner and eating it by the tv, it will get in the way of getting the best body you can. If you get driven to school and back and then just stay home on your computer, it will stop you from loosing that belly even if you gym it 3 times a week.

So to get back to what I want to share with be the sexiest version of yourself you need to figure out how to get those 3.5hours of exercise a week even with YOUR busy schedule. Ironically I am that person that goes to the gym 3 times a week and that is my max. If you go to the gym 3times a week ( or run/walk those 2.5hrs a week) and can not do more than that, consider doing a different type of exercise next to it. 

- Try a zumba class with a friend
- Do yoga on saturday morning to increase your flexibility
- Go swimming with a friend
- Go for an extra ( but chilled) walk to think
- Learn how to dance
- Go bike riding 

 The key is to get that extra hour of exercise a week by not thinking of it as exercise. Don't do yoga to loose weight or tone up..but to achieve a different goal. Im sure you will agree extra flexibility is something every woman can use ;)! Go for a walk every sunday morning to clear your head, go swimming with your friends and get some laps in, put in a dance dvd to learn some new sexy moves for clubbing or for your partner.

I am speaking from personal experience and one more important thing I need to tell you is that you can not rush into this. Do not think that if you go to the gym around 3 times a week for a couple of months and even do that extra hour of non-exercise you will be set. It takes hard work and patience to achieve not only your weight goal but also strength and fitness. SO start SLOWLY if you have not done some regular exercise up to this point. Sign up to your local gym or google how to start running. Once you find the right type of main exercise for you, keep doing it for at least 6months. THEN push yourself a bit harder and THEN start getting that extra hour in. This way you will get the body you want + reduce stress, become stronger and happier.

Hope this article helped :)
xxo Jess

PS: I know my writing skills are not good ( English is my second language), but I will try to improve so I can share my information more effectively :).

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