The benefits of drinking water

Every article on healthy and beauty will tell you to drink more water and less sugar. We hear it all the time so there must be something to it??

Benefit number 1: Keeps you alive ;)
Benefit number 2: Weight Loss 
Benefit number 3: Healthy glowing skin
Benefit number 4: Removes toxins from your body
Benefit number 5: Carries nutrients to your cells 

How much water should we drink a day?

For women it should be around 2.2 liters (about 9 cups) a day.

How bad are sodas for you?

VERY! Soda= sugar + bad chemicals. I had free soda at work so i would have a can of coke couple of times a week....
Now that i have limited myself to drinking it occasionally maybe once or twice a month I have definitely seen improvements in my skin and I believe it has helped with my weight loss.
Just thought I would remind those who do not think drinking more water can make a difference that is really does. It's just a fact. Do you guys drink the 2.2liters a day? xxo Jess

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